♕ Rσʏʌʟ IɴŦᴀᴍᴏᴜꜱ GᴀᴍɪɴG ♕

Tournament Info & Rules

Organizer:- Amey Mhatre

[A] Format

  1. The Tournament will consist of two stages
    Stage 1 :- Round Robin
    Stage 2 :- Double Elimination
  2. Out Of 11 Teams, 5 Teams with the highest points will advance to Stage 2.
  3. Match time will be decided by the Captains.
  4. Total 5 matches will be played everyday. So each team will have at least 1 match everyday.

[B] Rules

  1. Matches will be delayed in case of any kind of server side issues.However, the players must ensure to be available on the allotted times.
  2. Any Scripts, CFGs and/or other files that comes under the unfair gameplay, will not be entertained, and may lead to BANS in the Tournament as well as our PUB servers.
  3. In case of any issues, the player must discuss with the Team Captain who would then get in touch with the Tourney Management to address the same. No individual players of the team will be entertained directly by the management. Ensure proper channel is followed.
  4. Match Schedules once posted will not be changed (Also refer to point no. 1)
  5. If any player is found abusing/accusing RinF and/or HSG communities for any uncalled for/absurd reasons during the tournament in the matches or in the concerned social media groups, that player will be held responsible, and may get banned/disqualified from the tournament.
  6. Organizer’s decision will be final. 

[C] Maps

  1. All Stage 1 Matches will be “Best of 3
  2. Stage 2 will be “Best of 5"
    Map Pool:_
  3. There will be no repetition of maps between the two teams on the same match
  4. First map will be selected via a Knife round. Winner will decide the 1st map followed by the Loser of the 1st map deciding the Second one. There will be a Knife round again to decide the 3rd map.
  5. Sides will be decided based on the Team Knife round.

[D] Result

  1. First team to get to 16 rounds wins the map.
  2. For Stage 1 there will be no Overtime. Stage 2 will however have infinite Overtime till one of the teams either win or surrender. In Overtime, sides will be decided via Team Knife rounds as well.
  3. If all 3 Maps are Drawn then the Match will be declared as Drawn with the aggregate points deciding the fate of the respective teams. [No Decider Map]
  4. Match Win = 2 Points
    Draw = 1 Point [both teams]
    Loss = 0 Points

[E] Match TimeOuts

  1. Stage 1-
    A total of 3 TimeOuts will be allowed in each map.
  2. Stage2-
    3 TimeOuts in one map, with an extra TimeOut in Overtime. (Note: TO in OT will remain 1 irrespective of the number of TOs utilized during the normal match)

[F] DDoS

  1. Servers are DDoS protected. But in the worst case scenario, we may be forced to end a particular match on spot. In such cases, proper solution will be arrived upon, after discussion between the two teams and the management. If both the teams are unable to make any adjustments in rescheduling the match etc., then the said match will be declared as DRAWN. Any mild attacks will be handled & we may enforce a management timeout of 5-30min in between the match in order to address heavy attacks.

[G] Demo Recording

  1. Demos are Auto Recorded.
  2. Make Sure Your cstrike folder is Writable (Not Read-Only).
  3. If a Player fails to provide Demo(the ones requested by captains of opposite teams) within 3Hrs he/she will be BANNED from the Tournament and the concerned match will be reviewed thoroughly by the management in order to arrive at a decision.

[H] Demo Request

  1. Only 3 Players’ DEMOs of Opposite Teams can be requested.
  2. Captains need to request DEMOs of Opposite Teams immediately [within 30 min] after the Match.
  3. Captains are requested to provide proper proofs (via video clips) of players who they claim as fishy.
  4. Captains need to verify all demos links given by their team players before forwarding to opposite team, If they provide wrong demos/incomplete demos then those players will be BANNED from tournament.
  5. If a player provides renamed demos they will be BANNED from the tournament.

[I] Auto-BANs & Punishment

  1. If a player is found cheating during the match, he/she will be BANNED from the tourney and the concerned match will be reviewed.
  2. If a player gets Auto-BANNED [AWP Crosshair, Player models, Weapon skins, Map textures] he/she will not be allowed to play that match.

[J] STEAMID Sharing

  1. If anyone is found sharing SteamIDs, both the players will be BANNED from the Tourney.
  2. If anyone registers using Fake [Duplicate] SteamIDs & is caught, then he/she will be BANNED from the Tourney.

[K] Team Captains

  1. Team Captains should allow all Players in their team for atlest 3 matches.
  2. There will be total 11 Matches played by each team. 
  3. There will be Round Counter for all Matches 
  4. Rounds & Timeplayed will be Displayed on website. 
  5. Tourney Management has full right to interfer in any matches if any you dont provide chance to any player. 
  6. At the end all registered players should get a chance to play this tourney
  7. Captains should WhatsApp me asap once your match is over.Please do this before forwarding your SS & Match Info to MANIK. As we have a timelimit for asking DEMOs[30min,ref H-2]. If this is not followed, then management is not responsible if you report that player afterwards (regarding incomplete demos/wrong demos/hacking) for that Captain. Opposite Captains no need to provide demos if they are not asked within time. Make sure DEMO Submission time is 3Hrs, this point is only for DEMO Request.
  8. Once match is over & after doing above point [K-7], Make sure the Winning Captain Should send All Match SS & Match Info [maps played, scores] to MANIK [within 40 MINUTES],as we need all this info to post on facebook group. If any Captain Fails To Do all this & give any lame reason then 0 points will be given to your team for that Match & Opposite team will be giveen 1 point.
  9. No Practice matches should be played in tourney period. If found both teams will get -2 Points.

[L] Match Time

  1. Available time slots are 2pm,3pm,4pm,5pm,6pm,7pm 
  2. Timings will be allocated between 10pm-11.30pm on a  first come first serve scheduling basis.
  3. Timings will not be adjusted anyhow. I have to manage Everything so please cooperate